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Nightray's Chain: @thegrimmredridinghood


"Alright, Gil." Oz replied groggily, rubbing his eyes cutely. "Do we have to go inside to do that?" The noble asked, making a final stretch before walking after the grown man. "Somewhere warm." Gilbert stated dryly.

Clara glared at Gilbert and Oz at as they left, then her glare disappeared after a few moments of silence. She yawned then walked towards the building with Alice. She knew that they wouldn’t tell her anything about what was happening, so she and Alice were being left in the dark once again.

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The Girl in Red- Elliot RP


Elliot growled, wanting to help her. “Red, are you sure you can handle this alone?” The older grumbled, still bracing himself defensively.

She nodded her head, “I can do this Elliot, please just stand back and don’t worry about me.” Red said with a smile before taking another few steps forward. “And so the girl in red fights again! But where oh where is your little valet? Or your friendly wolf that decided to bite back?” The boy asked with a smirk. “I’m not here to fight you, I’m here to fight your chain. So let’s just get this over with.” She said before examining the chain to find a weak spot. This isn’t going to be easy is it? I have to do this though, there is no backing out now.

Red quickly used the shadows around her to help with the fight, the chain growled at her in a low tone then pounced at her in an effect to attack her. She moved her hand upwards and shadows turned into spikes then stabbed the creature. “And that’s only the beginning…”

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